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Looking for a Surf School to go to?

Hover on the Surf School tab above or click on the map below and browse the region and select the Surf School you want to learn with. Only the Surf Schools you see are accredited Surfing GB (SGB) and International Surf Association (ISA) Surf Schools and are approved through the British Surf School scheme.

SGB-ISA Surf School

Only by visiting one of our accredited Surf Schools you can be safe in the knowledge that the School adheres to the strict rules set in place by SGB and the ISA, and adhere to our globally recognised ‘best practice’ guidelines. Surfing GB and our accredited Surf Schools share in the vision to ensure that you, the customer, receive the highest standard of safety and coaching in your surfing lessons, whilst doing it all with a smile on your face.

All British Surf Schools are graded as either: Recreational, Performance, Academy, and Centre of Excellence and this is dependent upon:

* The qualifications of the coaches employed
* The level of the surf coaching programs offered (i.e. beginners/advanced)
* The equipment and practical resources available for customers

Click here for further information on the SGB & ISA Surf School Accreditation Scheme.

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