Surfing GB gets the green light on Surfing Europe

Surfing GB is proud to announce its successful inclusion as part of the SURFING EUROPE project and call out to surf tourism providers in the UK to join us with partners from Surfing organisations in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and France in a project funded by the European Commission.

The project is an exciting new movement designed to create a sustainable transnational surf tourism product called SURFING EUROPE.

Co-funded by the COSME Programme of the European Union

Co-funded by the COSME
Programme of the European Union

The project will provide, free of charge,  marketing and promotional opportunities for Surfing GB accredited surf schools, Surfing GB affiliated surf clubs, surfing friendly accommodation providers and other related organisations who are willing to work under the project’s product and service quality charter which is currently being developed  by the project partners.

“We applied for this project in line with our passion to enhance British surfing and promote the wealth of tourism and opportunity we have available amongst our shores. We are now to focus on three areas of the UK, in South Wales, South West England and the Channel Islands as we team up with our European friends to bring this project and product to life” said Bruce Daniel, chair of the Surfing GB volunteer board of directors.

European Meeting


Following the opening meeting in Spain attended by Surfing GB, the project agreement was announced: “Within Europe, the demand for nature tourism has increased, whilst the popularity of the sport of surfing grows also, resulting in opportunity for progression and development within surf tourism. Surfing and companies associated with it now have the potential to become one the most attractive tourist choices within the European surfing ecosystem.”

Surfing GB will now be working with representatives from the areas of Viana De Castelo (Portugal), Ribamontan al Mar (Cantabria, Spain), San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain), the region of Brittany (France) and Bundoran (Ireland).

The product will be produced online as a tool for the Atlantic Europe surf route promotion and development, attracting new surf tourist visitors to this coast and providing new market opportunities for entities such as surf schools, surf clubs, tour operators, travel agencies and accommodation providers. There will be additional provision to promote events and create event opportunities for surfers and as a gateway for the introduction to surfing for many.

Surfing GB is excited to join forces with European partners and build upon our foundations as a surfers’ organisation,  committed to providing a full national governing body service, and operating  for the benefit of  British surfing across all areas of the UK.

We will begin the outreach for inclusion in this project in coming weeks, however Surf schools, clubs, surfing friendly accommodation providers and other related organisations who are interested in being involved in the project should contact to register interest, please title any emails SURFING EUROPE.

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