Surfing Great Britain 2014 AGM

Surfing Great Britain 2014 AGM

  • AGM celebrates third year of success
  • Stage 1 of application for NGB recognition achieved
  • Surfing GB invites Surfing community to plan for the future
  • Surfing GB now established as a “Surfers organisation for Surfers”
  • More surf schools & surf clubs signing up in recognition

The 2014 Surfing GB Annual General Meeting (AGM) marked another achievement in a journey of over 3 years, fuelled by the passionate work of Surfers to establish their National Governing Body (NGB) for British Surfing.

Nick Rees (Operations Manager) spoke of “a year of growth, a year of achievement, a year of learning & a year where vision became a reality”. 26 Surf Schools, 23 Surf Clubs & 270 surf coaches signed up in 2014 representing the interests, and ensuring the safe coaching, of thousands of British surfers. “Over 450 juniors went through our new Junior Surfer Scheme”

SGB2014AGM02-copyright-Rob_TibblesNick Rees

Successful SGB events have drawn in sponsors and supporters to British surfing. “Our long term partners Calypso have continued their hugely valued support, and this is our second year with POSCA on board” said Nick, “A new deal with Acer and ground breaking strategic sponsorship with Surfdome have been highlights. Event support from Ripcurl and Dryrobe has also been invaluable.

However “SGBs focus in 2015 will be engagement with the wider surfing community, to ensure the historic opportunity offered through the Whole Sports Plan is not missed”. Improved membership service and the imminent relocation of the office to the British Surf Museum will facilitate that. “Surfing GB is in communications with the Federations of England, Wales, Scotland and The Channel Islands as well as multiple surf disciplines to ensure the future is shaped by surfers and their representative organisations.”

Presenting financial accounts Sarah Touissa (Strategic Development officer & book keeper) reported “the growth in income from increasing memberships and sponsorships had enabled SGB to achieve its projects and service goals.” Rob Tibbles (Media manager) brought to attention SGB’s exponential media reach and growth, with “6,000,000+ hits on the website in 2014, 500,000 unique visitors, social media followers doubling in 12 months & current/unique content readily available”.

SGB2014AGM03-copyright-Rob_TibblesMatt Knight

Reporting for the volunteer directors of Surfing GB, Matt Knight noted: “Surfing GB is an organisation run by Surfers for Surfers. Surfing is growing. The numerous organisations now working in surfing and the complex web or relationships means the need for a “transparent and representative NGB that gives all those involved a central hub” is greater than ever.: “The NGB in application achieved numerous successes in a fantastic year, but with room for improvement, and a need now to reach out to “Joe Surfer” said Phil Williams.

SGB2014AGM05-copyright-Rob_TibblesPhil Williams

A presentation from the visionary behind the Wave garden in Bristol, Nick Hounsfield, left the meeting inspired and excited for the anticipated launch in early 2016. The meeting ended with a warm affirmation from present members for Surfing GB to continue to develop in 2015, and a rallying cry to all British surfers to get involved by signing up as members.

SGB2014AGM07-copyright-Rob_TibblesNick Hounsfield

Click to read the minutes from the 2014 Surfing GB AGM

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