Shape the future at Surfing GB AGM

Surfing GB 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM)





Date: Sunday 16th November at 2pm.

Venue: Aztec Hotel, Bristol

 The 2014 AGM will be a landmark for British Surfing. After three years of delivery of an effective and revitalised NGB service, Surfing GB has been invited by the UK government to apply for National Governing Body recognition.

A year of consolidation and achievement. Surf Clubs across the UK are signing back up to support their NGB. Surf Coaches, Judges and Surf Schools have joined SGB accreditation schemes that enable them to work. Over 450 juniors have participated in the new junior surfer scheme. Passionate volunteers and staff have delivered better governance, a better NGB administrative service, and world class events.

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Looking to the future

Get Involved! Surfing GB is a membership organisation: it’s all about YOU. Our constitution is democratic, so at AGM we advertise and invite applications for volunteer Director and Sub-committee positions. If you care about surfing and want to help shape the future for British surfing, this AGM is your opportunity.

Whole Sports Plan. Stage 2 of NGB application involves planning for surf clubs and grassroots projects for the next decade. NOW is the time to get involved. Whatever your surfing interest, whatever kind of board you ride- and regardless of where you live in the British Isles, the Whole Sports Plan is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to help bring significant UK government funding into Surfing. Surfing GB wants to make this opportunity available to all surfers regardless of where they reside in the UK. The Surfing federations of England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands are invited to participate, alongside Surfing GB members, affiliated clubs, coaches, and schools.

Special Guest. We are stoked to announce a presentation at this year’s AGM from founder and director of The Wave (Bristol). Nick Hounsfield will be giving an update on the plans for bringing quality surf to land-locked surfers within the near future. If you want to hear the very latest news and the plans for future developments come along to hear it LIVE from the man who is at the heart of the project.

More information about the AGM and elections process will be posted on the Surfing GB website

The way to get involved is simple, become a member, come to AGM, and get your voice heard.

Want to apply to join our committee or board of directors? Fill in the form on the link & return:

Surfing GB is a not for profit, volunteer- led organisation that provides an NGB service for UK surfing. British surfing continues to grow rapidly as a sport for some, as a passion for others, and as a livelihood for those who work in surfing. Surfing GB aims to deliver opportunity and support for all surfers in the British Isles, and is working with the UK Government, the EU, and commercial sponsors to bring new funding in to surfing to achieve those aims. Surfing GB is recognised by the World Governing Body, the ISA, as the organising body for British surfing and is the ISA voting member representing the UK.

Directions for how to get to The Aztec Hotel & Spa can be found here:

How long will it take me to get there?

Barnstaple: 1hr 40min / Newquay: 2hr 30min / Central London: 1hr 50min / Swansea: 1hr 10min /

Scarborough: 4hrs / Bournemouth: 2hrs / Exeter: 1hr 20min / Wrexham: 2hr 30min / Edinburgh: 5hr 50min


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