Rip Curl Grom Search present by POSCA: Croyde Results

Gromsearch Croyde

Over the weekend Croyde in North Devon was the stunning summer location for the first stop of the 2014 Rip Curl Grom Search presented by POSCA.  Small, clean summer waves helped by the pushing tide and the bay’s banks gave the competitors lips to hit  and faces to attack producing some fantastic rides, exciting heats and well deserved winners in challenging conditions. Full report, video edit and photos dropping midweek.

U16 Boys:

1st Eno James

2nd Kit Innes

3rd Liam Murray Strout

4th Will Bailey


U16 Girls:

1st Ellie Turner

2nd Meg Niblett

3rd Lily Mandeville

4th Ffion Hughes


U14 Boys:

1st Kit Innes

2nd Eno James

3rd Joseph Morris

4th Leo Reeves


U14 Girls:

1st Ellie Turner

2nd Ffion Hughes

3rd Lily Mandeville

4th Carys Potter


U12 Boys:

1st Stanley Norman

2nd Noah Capps

3rd Max Hudson

4th Jake Arrowsmith


U12 Girls:

1st Ffion Hughes

2nd Carys Potter

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