Surfing GB announces strategic sponsorship with Surfdome

A lone sufer surveying Croyde at low tide on a classic day.

Surfing GB are stoked to announce a new and ground breaking strategic sponsorship with Europe’s premier action sports retailer, Surfdome.

Surfing GB is here to support the Great British surfer and as a surfing company Surfdome has firmly made its claim to help Surfing GB increase that support and reach their ambitious goals.

The joint mission is to carve (and top turn!) an exciting future for Surfing in the UK, through exposing the work of Surfing GB, increasing membership and participation through a combination of events, contests, membership support and team performance progression. All the while making sure members get the benefits they deserve for supporting their very own governing body.

Surfers United

“Surfdome is a fantastic company with an exciting future ahead”, said Nick Rees, Surfing GB Operations Manager. “It’s great to see such a large and influential company stepping up to help support the National Governing Body of their main consumer industry.”

Nick sees the sponsorship as a potential game changer for Surfing GB: “The magnitude of this strategic sponsorship and relationship is overwhelmingly exciting and the shared ethos, values and visions engrained within both organisations creates a base to build success on so many levels in the future”.

Justin Stone, Managing Director at Surfdome said: “The Surfing GB team are an excellent group of highly driven individuals who work tirelessly to put surfing on the British map. We have similar outlooks, all in the line up together with our customers, so it’s only right that we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in too!”

Justin believes the sponsorship marks the start of an exciting evolution for both British surfing and Surfdome: “The organisation is gaining huge ground, the next few years are going to be super exciting and we really look forward to being a part of it. We are here to support Surfing GB and help them in their efforts to take Surfing in Britain to the next level.”

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