SGB/ISA 2014 Judging & Officiating

SGB/ISA 2014 Judging & Officiating

In 2014 Surfing GB & The International Surf Association (ISA) are building upon the existing structures and striving to enhance the Judging and Officiating program in the UK.

Surfing GB adopted the ISA judging & officiating program 2 years ago and we have engrained it within our structures. All Surfing GB events require ISA qualified judges as this provides clarity for competitive surfers who expect to receive the same level of judging throughout our events and when they compete further afield.

Surfing GB have identified a lack of opportunity for new judges to enter into the world of Judging through the correct and appropriate channels, and it is now that we aim to remove this barrier and enhance the UK scene.

Enrolment is now open for The ISA Level 1 Judging & Officiating course. Cost = £110 (Revised from £125).

The Course: Bude, North Cornwall on Sunday June 1st

The courses will take 1 day and will be operated by SGB Judging Management Committee member, Level 3 ISA judge and frequent Head Judge for SGB events Ester Spears. The course fee includes Surfing GB membership and your 1st year’s ISA membership, all course booklets are also provided. To participate in the course you are expected to have a solid knowledge of Surfing and techniques with an interest in competitive Surfing.

To take part in either course please email Ester Spears directly on

Angus Scotney-credit_Rob Tibbles

(Angus Scotney at the 2012 POSCA British Nationals)

Surfing GB are operating 7 National Surf Events in 2014 and as part of your course we invite you to attend these events for voluntary shadow judging to help you earn your hours. We will also evaluate performances and introduce judges into the paid roster for events. A judge can expect to earn the following amounts at an event: Level 1: £65 a day / Level 2: £75 a day / Level 3: £85 a day.

For further information on the ISA’s Judging & Officiating Program please see below

The ISA Judging & Officiating Development Program is a comprehensive educational program that has been identified by leading sporting organizations as the worlds’ best educational practice in the development of quality accredited surfing officials.

This Program is the result of 15 years of research and development, and is designed to compliment all ISA Development Programs for the benefit of all ISA member nations.

The number of countries who partner with the ISA in worldwide judging development continues to grow as many National Governing Bodies (NGBs) come to realize the importance of the parallel development of the Judges and Officials for the sport.

The ISA is committed to the continued success of surfing as a sport worldwide and recognizes the need for a standardized accreditation course for sport officials. The quality and credibility of every competition hinges on the education of our officials. A globally standardized education program for Judges ensures that the athletes receive identical feedback on their performance regardless of the place of competition.

All judges that complete the ISA Judging & Officiating Accreditation Course are registered as ISA International Judges. All accredited and registered Judges are eligible to officiate at all ISA events and for NGB’s at their sanctioned events.

All ISA Judges are registered on the ISA International Judge’s Register for 1 year and will receive newsletters and the official ISA International Judges’ Identification card for the current calendar year.

To maintain International accreditation and registration, each Judge is required to pay a NGB renewal fee each calendar year. This can be managed and administered by each NGB.

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