Notes from Nicaragua #3


IMG_3625As predicted the swell increased over night and caused things to go a little crazy today. As well as the large surf, during the night we had a heavy storm, which caused the access road to the contest site to need repairs and the beach at Playa Santana had to be closed due to large amounts of debris in the lineup and on the beach.

We had our appointment with the ISA to complete our team registration, which was all completed smoothly until we managed to get one of the team Mini busses well and truly bogged in the parking lot. After 15 minutes of digging and a lot of help from the Jamaican team, we eventually got ourselves out and back on the road to hunt for some waves.


The plan was always to find shelter and seek alternative locations to try and continue our preparation. This was achieved for both our sessions today, but both the waves we surfed were ‘tricky’ to say the least. Rather than trying to focus on 20-minute heat drills and combination surfing, our water time became more of a kamikaze mission. On a positive note, the team are now settled into their daily routine and the operation of eating, drinking, resting and team meetings is becoming more of a well oiled machine in time for the weekend. As we approach the opening parade and the start of competition on Sunday, everyone has become accustomed to the importance of being on time for all the team roll calls throughout the day.

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With the conditions still predicted to be large, tomorrow will be somewhat Groundhog Day for the team. We plan to surf the same locations at the same time and have to return to the contest site to complete some media requirements for the ISA. Tomorrow is the official press conference for the contest before the parade on Saturday. Things are now starting to get serious and everyone is ready and excited to start competing.

Over and out…

John Ellis

Team Manager

Check out more freesurf shots from the ISA surf photogs Rommel Gonzales & Mike Tweddle on the ISA website here

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