GB squad selection process

British Squads & Teams Selections and Training Process 2012-2013

Surfing GB is pleased to announce that 2012–13 British Squad and team selections will be based on a National ranking system developed in consultation with the UK Professional Surfing Association (UKPSA).

Senior Squads & Teams

Surfing GB has registered as a competitor member with the ISA and invites applications from all senior surfers interested in participating in International events to apply to Surfing GB for selection.

Forthcoming events include the ISA world Masters championships in Nicaragua in July.

Surfers wishing to compete for Team GB at any ISA event will need to be members of Surfing GB and follow a published selection process in consultation with Surfing GB. British Squad Rankings will be based on the following criteria:

UKPSA rankings for Open surfers (Mens & Womens).

Masters, Vets. UKPSA where appropriate or dedicated SGB selections based on application.

Longboard. Rankings to be informed by BLU

SUP. Rankings to be informed by BSUPA

Bodyboard . Rankings to be informed by BBC.

Senior surfers wishing to develop a GB team training programme in any discipline are invited to get in touch with Surfing GB.


Junior Squad

*Current Squad as selected in November 2011 remains valid until British Nationals in November 2012.

*British Team members from ISA WJC 2012 will remain bound by their contracts until the end of 2012 contest season (British nationals)

2012-2013 British Squad Selections will be derived as follows:

  1. The Surfing GB selection panel will determine the squad and team selections. Final decision on selections rests with the panel.


  1. The squad selections will be based on ISA divisions. Currently this is U-16 boys and u-18 Boys & Girls divisions.


  1. The squad will comprise 8 surfers in each ISA division with two additional wild card places available, to be chosen by the selection panel. Total Junior squad size will be 30 surfers.


  1. Top 8 squad members in each division will be selected according to their position on the new National Ranking System to be published on the Surfing GB website.


  1. The 2012 National Ranking System will be derived from the UKPSA rankings.



  1. U-16 and U-18 divisions will be ranked.

    1. Where no u-18s division runs in UKPSA events, U-18s will be ranked according to their position in pro-junior division.

    2. U-16s also competing in pro junior and u-18 divisions will be ranked according to position in u-16 events.

    3. Where u-18 divisions are run, results from u-18s division will determine u-18 rankings.


  1. The British Championships will be the final event, and a two star counting event, towards UKPSA rankings.


  1. Surfers rankings will be based on top results from 50%- plus- one UKPSA tour event. (eg if 8 events top 5 results will count)


  1. Surfing Gb reserves the right to determine selection of BG team and squad members regardless of rankings. This ruling is to enable the selectors to take account of disciplinary factors when considering the suitability of surfers to represent their country.


Junior Teams for ISA WJC 2013

  1. National rankings at end of season (British Nationals) 2012 will determine starting rank in squad for winter selection process.

  2. Starting position in winter National Squad rankings will be allocated points according to 1 star event points. (First ranked surfer starts with 1000 points, surfer 2 860 etc)

  3. To register interest and apply for position in ISA WJC teams, surfers must inform selectors at the end of the 2012 contest season and attend at least ONE winter selection event.

  4. Four winter selection events will build on the National squad rankings derived from 2012 results.

  5. Top 3 from National Squad ranking system at end of winter selection events will travel.

  6. ONE wildcard to be selected by selection panel for fourth position in travel teams. This ruling is made to allow travelling surfers to apply for the fourth (wildcard) position in the travel team, if they have been training abroad, or injured.

  7. Wildcard MUST have attended at least ONE winter selection event and must apply with evidence and reasons for wildcard application to selection panel.

  8. Surfers applying to be considered for travel team selection must do so by the end of November 2012.

  9. Surfers applying for travel team selection in 2013 will be required to sign contracts agreeing to participate in British Squad publicity and fundraising events between the beginning of the winter training and selection programme and the date that teams depart for the ISA WJC 2013.

Current UKPSA/ Surfing Gb selection events will be found on the UKPSA website and via the national calendar


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