Postcard from the Repecharge

Charging into the repercharge!

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Japan and Brazil

The wheels came off a bit on Tuesday. All our surfers are now officially in the repercharge, which means for any of them to claw their way back into the finals will be an uphill struggle. Winning a heat in the reperchage is great news in a points-for-the-team sort of way…. But its tough going for the surfers as there is the disheartening prospect of seeing the next round morph into a monster as the losing surfers from the qualifying rounds are dropped into your next heats.

Having said that, there have been numerous winners who have come from the early repercharge rounds to win the overall title- so we have high hopes still that one of our talented bunch of juniors will push on some distance yet.

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Will & Lloyd discussing tactics. Lloyd has been inspirational to the kids.

The contest has now taken on a momentum that all big events seem to gain after the initial set-up and teething troubles have passed. It has to be said that the ISA run a well organised and tight ship. No detail has been left to chance, with air- con portakabin offices craned onto the beach, monumental judging and officiating scaffolds, a slick media office and all the backup systems and staff you could want, for running a surf comp on this scale. Congratulations are due to the ISA exec and to the contest officials.

The temperature on the beach today was less searing than the previous couple, thanks to a bank of cloud that hung around most of the day- with light and variable winds making for clean waves. Tides are starting to grow again however, meaning the dead low and dead high tide surf will become increasingly tricky as the week goes on.

We went into Tuesdays heats on a wave of high expectation, with 8 out of 10 surfers having made their first round heats. The early signs on Tuesday were good with Ellen Harding unlucky to come third needing only a 1.6 to progress. Tass Swallow cruised into round 2 and Luke Dillon Smashed his round 2 u-18 heat making the third round on the back of two firsts.

But there were ominous signs that things were going to start getting tougher from here-on. Paddy posted a 6 and a 4- scores that would have comfortably seen him through round 1, but was well beaten in his R2. HDR similarly crashed into the reps from his R2 u-16.

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Lucy ready for action

The girls were in for their R2 at around lunch time, both Lucy & Peony putting up a strong challenge on Podium 1. P was pipped, with 2nd 3rd and 4th in her heat all separated by only half a point. Luce paddled and battled in true Campbell style, and came very close. Tass found herself on Podium two during a high tide lull that offered few waves her size- going out to some solid surfing from a Tahitian charger.

The u-18 boys now faced an increasingly menacing task as the Latin American aerialists, powerhouse Aussie and Americans, and Hawaiian chargers started to ramp up the pressure. In Will Davey’s heat Koa Smith put a 9.0 on the board which had the crowd hooting, until on the very next wave Daveid Silva posted a 9.74 with a massive hack and two backhand air reverses. The Brazilian team on the beach went nuts- and everyone else just had to applaud in awe.

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Paddy Daniel

This set the tone for the afternoon as one by one our u-18s fell to high level performance surfing from some of those who will go on to become WCT contenders. Luke Dillon deserves a special mention for coming close in a heat that was stacked to the rafters with talent- losing in the end to a controversial drop-in from Jake Halstead. The British team lodged a formal protest but the Head Judge’s decision was final.

Reperchage rounds beckon- and it is here that we will see the true story of this contest unfold. Those who ar destined for top 4 finishes are already in the distance nearing the summit- for those pushing to play catch, up it is the next two days of grinding out results in back-to back 15 minute heats that will determine the overall placings.

The team is tired, but determined. We have been well prepared, we are well fed, and we are staying in a great spot. Now is the time to dig deep and push on.

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Harry De Roth

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Luke prepping & focussed

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Miles battling

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Paddy Daniel stylin in the sea

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Peony on her way to a narrow defeat

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Tassy Swallow

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Will Davey, R3

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Luke D

Thanks to all our lovely supporters who’ve made the GB junior teams participation at the championships possible.



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